I started painting daily watercolors in the summer of 2013 while I was bored on a boozy hen do in Ibiza. Apparently I find painting more fun than drinking. And that's only one of the many things that occasionally make me unfit for life in society. This daily endeavor grew into a blog. I'm proud to say that all these years later, I'm still at it!

If you wish to see me in person,  I am available by appointment at my exclusive gallery space in Uptown Houston, which is dedicated to my VIP collectors. Unless I'm traveling the world. Or have changed my name and moved to Spain, which is something I consider often. My blog, in fact, is about my desire to run away from it all, but also about my search for the perfect home. Having been an expat for over twenty years now, you can say I'm a bit lost. Art grounds me. I've also written four novels exploring feelings of not belonging, wishing to escape, and other types of drama. I'm also the author of a book of poetry in the voice of my dog. She has no drama. But she does want to rule the world. 

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